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Sarah Vita

Sarah has been dancing since she could walk. She trained for years with the Inland Pacific Ballet Company, nurturing her first love, classical ballet, before pursuing a professional career in dance. Her interest and appreciation for swing, jazz, and all things vintage started early, growing up on Turner Classic Movies and listening to big band CDs. As a kid, her mom took her to a few classes at PBDA and she dabbled at USC in Rusty Frank’s swing classes. But when Sarah attended her first Lindy Hop event - Inspiration Weekend 2017 - her passion for the swing dancing community truly blossomed. The years in between ballet and swing dancing, Sarah has really done it all from salsa to hip hop to theatre jazz. She loves to bring her diverse dance background to swing dancing and give it her own flavor. Sarah is also a talented tap dancer and singer, actively participating in the jazz music scene!

Currently Teaching:


Laura Evans

Laura first fell in love with swing dancing when she was nine years old. She was introduced to ballroom dancing and East Coast swing by her stepmother, a ballroom dance teacher, and she later discovered the Lindy Hop community in college through the University of Redlands Ballroom Dance Club. Laura attended her first weekend event, Phoenix Lindy Exchange in 2016, and she came home on fire for Lindy Hop. Laura has been dancing and training voraciously ever since. She has won or placed in competitions at Camp Hollywood, Inspiration Weekend, Camp Jitterbug, and Lindy Focus, and she has performed on the Southern California team Special Delivery Stomp. Outside of dancing, Laura is a professional classical violinist and violin teacher, and her passion for music has shaped the way she dances. In both her social and competition dancing, she values creatively expressing the music, interacting playfully with her partner, and being true to herself. She teaches regularly at Lindygroove and loves to inspire dancers of all levels to take risks, be creative, work hard, and above all have fun in their dancing.

Currently Teaching:

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Jeremy Lizardo

Jeremy's first exposure to swing dancing and jazz music was through music education in middle school. Throughout high school and college he performed with many jazz bands and performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival. A couple years after college a friend had a birthday party at a swing dance event and he's been dancing ever since. Jeremy regularly travels throughout the US and Europe to compete in Lindy hop, Collegiate Shag, and Balboa. As a former gymnastics instructor you can see Jeremy regularly performing aerials during competitions. 

Currently Teaching:


Solo Jazz

Beginner Balboa
Beginner/Intermediate Lindy Hop

Swing Dance Crash Course


Jeremy Cook

Jeremy started dancing because of his love of early jazz and his desire to connect with it on a deeper level. He has traveled throughout the US to train and compete at swing dance festivals and holds titles in his favorite dance, Collegiate Shag. Jeremy is a true vintage fashion lover and can be seen in authentic 1920’s-40’s gear in nearly every part of his life. Other hobbies include playing the bagpipes, adventures with his pup Oliver, and hardcore punk shows.

Currently Teaching: 


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